Friday, May 29, 2015

Escape the Night by Richard North Patterson

Escape the Night

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Peter Carey is the son of privilege -- and an heir to terror. Poised on the brink of power over a mighty family dynasty, he is also the victim of a recurring nightmare that suddenly becomes all too real. The twisted force that had claimed his parents many years before now stalks him too. But the key to his survival lies locked deep in Peter's own mind. And he must discover it before the final night closes in. . 

I received a copy of Escape the Night from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

This book was first published in the '80s but has now been released in e-book.

Mr. Patterson is an award winning author with multiple titles to his name. But for me, Mr. Patterson wrote this story in a boring, confusing circle. He delves deep into descriptors and unnecessary prattle. I almost gave up on reading the story multiple times. I honestly can't say why I kept going other than my promise,

The family dynamics are intricate and confusing. Brothers, father, book publishing company, and jealousies. This story follows the family for decades with jealousy, anger, manipulation, affairs and murder. While it may sound like it is full of action and sex, it is in reality a very slow read.

I always feel bad when I give a book a bad review. In my opinion this is the author's story and should never be second guessed by a reader. But unfortunately this is one book that could use a lot of help.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Burned by Karen Marie Moning

Burned (Fever, #7)

Synopsis via Goodreads:
It’s easy to walk away from lies. Power is another thing.

MacKayla Lane would do anything to save the home she loves. A gifted sidhe-seer, she’s already fought and defeated the deadly Sinsar Dubh—an ancient book of terrible evil—yet its hold on her has never been stronger.

When the wall that protected humans from the seductive, insatiable Fae was destroyed on Halloween, long-imprisoned immortals ravaged the planet. Now Dublin is a war zone with factions battling for control. As the city heats up and the ice left by the Hoar Frost King melts, tempers flare, passions run red-hot, and dangerous lines get crossed. 

Seelie and Unseelie vie for power against nine ancient immortals who have governed Dublin for millennia; a rival band of sidhe-seers invades the city, determined to claim it for their own; Mac’s former protégé and best friend, Dani “Mega” O’Malley, is now her fierce enemy; and even more urgent, Highland druid Christian MacKeltar has been captured by the Crimson Hag and is being driven deeper into Unseelie madness with each passing day. The only one Mac can depend on is the powerful, dangerous immortal Jericho Barrons, but even their fiery bond is tested by betrayal.

It’s a world where staying alive is a constant struggle, the line between good and evil gets blurred, and every alliance comes at a price. In an epic battle against dark forces, Mac must decide who she can trust, and what her survival is ultimately worth.

This is #7 in Miss Moning's Fever series. This is one of my favorite series. But for this book I chose to listen to the audio book.

 Let's talk about content first. Miss Moning took us back to Mac and Barrons. I was so excited to get back to the stars of the Fever series. I mean, Mac is what made the series and Barrons, well, let's just say Barron's is who kept Mac alive and fighting.
While Mac isn't really fighting for her life in this book, we see a lot more of Mac and Barron's relationship. I guess we get to actually see that it is a relationship and not just down and dirty sex. (Although that part was fine with me)
In this story it kind of starts where ICED ends, but not really, There is no definitive time frame for where this story really begins in relation to the other books. But there are references that take you back to ICED.
I was a little disappointed in the direction Miss Moning took BURNED. There was so much reflection and internal discussion that the story got a little boring in parts. I feel bad that I feel that way because to me it's like Miss Moning is trying to give us a deeper glimpse into each character. I enjoyed learning more about Ryodan and a few of Barron's group.
While the action isn't as plentiful in this book as most of the others, it is still there.

Now let's talk about the narration.
There are two narrators. Phil Gigante and Natalie Ross. They are nothing short of AWESOME!!
They take on the voice of each character as if they were the main character. Mr. Gigante voiced every male character flawlessly in that you knew it was a different character when you heard his voices. Miss Ross was also flawless. She voiced the female voices very well. I was very impressed with her southern accent. I am convinced she IS southern. Being from Nashville, TN I hear southern accents every day. If she isn't from the south, kudos for her talent. Both Miss Ross and Mr. Gigante do a great job with their Irish and Scottish brogues.
One of the things I really liked about the narration is that they don't just read. They "act" out the parts. They have passion, frustration, anger, love, and they play off each other very well. I was able to sit, listen and create a "movie" in my head based on how well they brought the words to life.

All in all, while I wasn't as impressed with this story as I have been with the others in this series, I would buy it all over again. And when the next book comes out, I will definitely buy that one. The only difficult decision I will have is whether to buy the traditional copy or the audio book. If Miss Ross and Mr. Gigante narrate it, I will have an even more difficult choice.

If you have read the other six books n this series, I highly recommend purchasing this one. If you have never tried an audio book, this one would be perfect for you to try your first one.
If you haven't read any books in this series, I highly recommend Miss Moning's Fever series.

Happy Reading!!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

The One by Belle Ami


Synopsis via Goodreads:

Adelia, a rising star in the equestrian world, is still reeling from her parents’ deaths in a tragic car accident when she meets green energy investment banker Miles Bremen and his charming yet inscrutable twin sister, Karolin. With his insatiable lust, Miles ignites a passion within Adelia she never knew existed, and the two quickly find themselves entwined in a torrid affair that knows no bounds. Little does Adelia know, however, that her meeting of the Bremen twins was no accident. Carefully selected as “the one” for her unsettling resemblance to the emotionally and physically damaged Karolin, Adelia is targeted to marry Miles and bear the children that Karolin cannot have. 

The One is a razor edge mystery that enfolds on the playgrounds of the super rich, from Trump Tower to the Hamptons and Palm Beach; to the Amalfi Coast aboard Miles’s mega-yacht Green Way, The One is irresistible as the reader is drawn into Adelia’s journey through a suspenseful – and erotic world. An edge-of-your-seat thriller that will leave readers breathless in more ways than one, The One is an irresistible journey through—new territory that fans of romantic fiction are bound to love. 

I received a copy of The One in exchange for an honest review.

The editor extols the virtues of the story as being a "razor edge mystery" and a "suspenseful-erotic world", with the setting in "the playgrounds of the super rich". Yeah, this really didn't live up to the editor's hype. It was mediocre at best. I did learn a lot about horses. But it really wasn't "razor edge". Not once was I super excited to turn the next page to see what happened next. And "erotic" was people who had sex talking dirty to each other. The "playground of the super rich" was a private jet, a private yacht, and an apartment in Trump Towers. The suspense part was easy to see coming and not suspenseful at all.
While this book wasn't all the editor hyped it to be, it wasn't awful either. For me it was a little less than middle of the road read.

Sorry, I was really interested in a suspense novel and really didn't get what I was promised.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Immortal Danger by Cynthia Eden

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Being Bullet Proof Sucks--Literally 

Once, Maya Black was a kick-ass cop patrolling the streets of L.A. She still keeps the city safe, but nowadays her bad guys of choice include demons, werewolves, and assorted nocturnal scum. Something Maya knows a thing or two about. She's a vampire--and not thrilled about it. Payback meet bitch. 

Adam Brody hopes Maya is as dangerous as they say she is. He needs her to help rescue his niece Cammie from a ruthless band of vamps, and he's willing to pay--in blood. Trusting her is another matter. Adam has never met a vampire who doesn't lie. Then again, he's never met anyone like Maya, who fills him with a desperate need that ignites into explosive, no-holds-barred encounters. . . 

 The premise: Maya, a cop turned vampire. Maya, a vampire who hunts monsters, to include her own kind. A vampire that others go to for help. Adam travels across the country to hire Maya to help him find his niece who has been kidnapped by vampires. But there is a mystery surrounding Adam (no spoilers). Is Adam human or supernatural? 

The story starts out kind of slow. Miss Eden gives you the basic background of how Maya became a vampire. She then introduces Adam and things start to build from there. Maya is a kickass, badass vampire. She is different though. Maya is a vampire with scruples.

To be honest I am having a hard time coming up with much to say. It was a slow going story until about halfway through the book. That doesn't mean it was a bad story because it wasn't. I really enjoyed it when the action was high. The sexual tension was tight until Maya and Adam got it on-which didn't take long. Both Maya and Adam are full of themselves without being irritating. They knew their limits and made no bones about it. 

While I finally ended up enjoying this book, I can't say there is much about it that really stands out. I did enjoy the way Miss Eden kept the mystery about Adam going. I enjoyed finally learning the secret behind Adam. The relationship between Adam and Maya had just enough angst to make it interesting and then the final cementing of their relationship.

So, while this isn't one of my favorites, I don't feel like I wasted my time either. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dark Redemption (Dark Paradise #3) by Angie Sandro

Dark Redemption

Synopsis via Goodreads:

Deep in the Louisiana bayou, Mala LaCroix cannot escape the mysterious things she's seen. Haunted by her otherworldly past, she only wants to hide her special abilities and care for the man she's come to love. But the dark swamp she calls home holds more than just Mala's secrets, for a killer is leaving behind ghosts trapped between worlds, hungry for vengeance . . .

Landry knows Mala could never turn her back on those in need. It's part of what attracts him to her. But now that he's wrestling with his own demons-and losing-he fears that just being near the woman he loves endangers her life. And that traps him in a terrible dilemma: leave Mala alone to catch a murderer by herself or stay close-and risk entangling her in the brutal battle for his very soul.

Usually by the third book in a series I am somewhat skeptical as to whether the author can keep the storyline going and the characters strong. With Dark Redemption I was hoping so much that Miss Sandro would not have these problems. AND BOY DID SHE DELIVER!!

The book started where the last one left off without a skip. Mala and Landry were still up to their eyeballs in issues (no spoilers here) and the story line was still as strong as ever! All of the characters involved are unchanged and as intertwined as ever. The action lasts from beginning to end. All the reasons I fell in love with Mala and Landry are still as evident in this book as they were in the first book.
By the third book in a series it is not unusual for the story line to begin to lose steam and the interest of the reader. Well, Dark Redemption starts out strong and goes nuclear!! And the ending is so apropos. It is perfect.
As I have said before, I am not convinced Miss Sandro isn't a sorceress! She knows how to create a story that pulls the reader in and hypnotizes them, making it unable to put the book down.
I anxiously await the next book!!

This is a MUST read!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

One To Hold by Tia Louise

One to Hold (One to Hold, #1)

Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. (M/F)

As of May 3, 2015, this book is free on ALL e-book retailers. I don't know how long this will last. Check it out!

Synopsis via Goodreads:

Derek Alexander is a retired Marine, ex-cop, and the top investigator in his field. Melissa Jones is a small-town girl trying to escape her troubled past.

When the two intersect in a bar in Arizona, their sexual chemistry is off the charts. But what is revealed during their "one week stand" only complicates matters.

Because she'll do everything in her power to get away from the past, but he'll do everything he can to hold her. 

Derek and Melissa, wow! I fell in love with these two! Their story is romantic, heartbreaking, HOT, intriguing, somewhat suspenseful, and did I mention HOT?!!

Melissa and her best friend Elaine decide to have a nice relaxing week at a spa resort in Scottsdale, AZ. This trip is meant to help Melissa get away from her past (no spoilers here!). Melissa decides to have a drink in the bar at the resort and meets Derek. Sparks fly between the two and a one week stand is offered. Melissa keeps telling herself she isn't "available" for anything, but can't seem to stay away from Derek and the mind-blowing sex between them.

But when the week is up and it is time for them to go their own ways, things get complicated.

Miss Louise does a wonderful job of creating characters that get into your head and your heart. I couldn't help but fall in love with both Melissa and Derek. I loved the way they connected, but still kept aloof. I found myself hoping that everything would turn out sunshine and roses for the two. But I loved the journey I had to go through to find out how these two fared. Miss Louise created a fantastic "bad guy". He wasn't actually "physically" in the story much, but in the time she gave him, she developed him so well that I really hated the guy!
Miss Louise did a superb job of giving all the details without dragging the story down with too much detail. All the specifics were written into the story line in such a way that details and characters were a natural progression. Her writing reached out and touched my heart and emotions. I was emotionally involved throughout the story.
When the scenes go "between the sheets", per se, it is so hot that I was afraid my e-reader was going to spontaneously combust! I will never look at a family bathroom the same!!
I enjoyed this book so much that I read it in 1 day! You will love it too!!

Happy Reading!