Friday, May 29, 2015

Escape the Night by Richard North Patterson

Escape the Night

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Peter Carey is the son of privilege -- and an heir to terror. Poised on the brink of power over a mighty family dynasty, he is also the victim of a recurring nightmare that suddenly becomes all too real. The twisted force that had claimed his parents many years before now stalks him too. But the key to his survival lies locked deep in Peter's own mind. And he must discover it before the final night closes in. . 

I received a copy of Escape the Night from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

This book was first published in the '80s but has now been released in e-book.

Mr. Patterson is an award winning author with multiple titles to his name. But for me, Mr. Patterson wrote this story in a boring, confusing circle. He delves deep into descriptors and unnecessary prattle. I almost gave up on reading the story multiple times. I honestly can't say why I kept going other than my promise,

The family dynamics are intricate and confusing. Brothers, father, book publishing company, and jealousies. This story follows the family for decades with jealousy, anger, manipulation, affairs and murder. While it may sound like it is full of action and sex, it is in reality a very slow read.

I always feel bad when I give a book a bad review. In my opinion this is the author's story and should never be second guessed by a reader. But unfortunately this is one book that could use a lot of help.