Monday, March 12, 2018

The Devil Inside (The Game of Gods book 1.5) by Lana Pecherczyk

The Devil Inside (The Game of Gods Book 2) by [Pecherczyk, Lana]

Excerpt via Amazon:

Cash’s soul was falling apart—literally. That was until Roo, his beautiful progeny, stuck it back together. He returns to his home town intending to train Roo and prepare her for the Game but demons from his past scratch from the inside and when he wakes from a nightmare, almost killing her, he decides she’s better off without him. While he runs from one responsibility, others are thrown in his path. Soon he’s faced with the devastating results of his retreat, and learns that while Roo may have fixed his soul, he broke her trust. When the truth about her identity comes out, Cash must overcome his doubts for the sake of her life, but can he overcome his demons in time?

Marc is a god. The god of the in-between. The messenger between the worlds, traveller between the dimensions, otherworldly trickster, shameless lover of all things. You may have heard of him, he’s been known as Hermes, Hoth, Loki … He’d be able to gloat more about his status if it wasn’t for the fact his years have left him a little flakey and his position has kept him tethered to the world of men. He’s on a mission to uncover the truth about the hunter’s inception so he can foil the plot to overthrow the Queen, and if he impresses the new racy red-headed Player, then props to him. But when a way out of his long service is presented, he’s left with a choice: take it, or follow his new friends into a battle they might not win without him.


This short novel is bonus book in the Game of Gods series. It tells the tale of the two weeks between book one and two from the perspective of Cash and Marc.

While this book is a short timeline continuation of Soul Thing, it is a new perspective on the story line. I enjoy seeing through different characters' eyes. It's like a 3D view of the story. You get to see so many different facets of each character. There's the side that they need the "world" to see, then there is the side their "friends" need to see, and then there is the "real" side.
I have to admit that I have a whole new perspective on Marc and Cash. Because of this book I actually have a new positive view of Marc and have a renewed appreciation of Cash.
What can I tell you without giving away the story? Let me see. . . In Soul Thing Marc is very arrogant with a "devil may care" attitude. In The Devil Inside Miss Pecherczyk gives us a view of what caused him to act the way he acts.
And Cash. . . this will be almost impossible to explain without giving away the secrets of the story. So let me just say that I fell in love with Cash a little more with this story.
For me, if you are into The Game of Gods series, this is a must read to get more of the background into not only the characters, but the story itself. It will help define what is going on in the story.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Soul Thing (Game of Gods Book 1) by Lana Pecherczyk

Soul Thing (The Game of Gods Book 1) by [Pecherczyk, Lana]

Synopsis via Amazon:

After a decade long war, witches have been obliterated, or so the world thinks. A precarious peace settles and, for the small town of Margaret River, life returns to normal, but for Roo, the hard work is just beginning.

Roo works at the local bar, is a little facetious and can’t wait to high-tail it out of there to keep her powers secret. She’s not certain where they came from but the last thing she wants is to be burned at the stake. Hiding in plain sight seems to work until Cash, a darkly handsome hunter, arrives with disaster in his wake. Witches aren’t defeated, only hidden, and there’s one gunning for Roo and her family. The recent war only touched the surface of the preternatural world and with Cash’s help, Roo learns there are worse things that go bump in the night... and she might be one of them.

Soon she must make a choice—risk exposure to save her loved ones, or remain hidden and safe. But sometimes safe isn’t an option. Sometimes safe is a never-ending game.


This is my first foray into Miss Pecherczyk's world and I have got to say that I am pretty impressed!
She has a fresh, out of the box take on witches, Gods, mythology, and urban fantasy.
I can honestly say this story is like none I have ever read. I didn't want to put the book down. I wanted to know what happened next, who was going to do what, and how it was all going to affect everyone in the story. There is a bit of mystery, excitement, sexual tension, and life all mixed into one little cauldron of a world.
The characters are well conceived and interact very well together. There isn't any awkwardness in the story line. It flows as seamless as a breeze through the trees.
The amount of real world pain and heartache that is injected into the story is really astounding. It really helps the reader feel something for the characters. I know it sounds weird to have someone say a persons pain is good in a story, but this shows how talented a writer Miss Pecherczyk really is. If she can pull you in and make you feel something for the characters, she has connected the world she created and ours together by each individual reader.
When I finished this book, all I could think of was "MORE!! I WANT MORE!!".

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale)

UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 1) by [Hahn, Chanda]

Synopsis via Amazon:

Mina Grime is unlucky, unpopular and uncoordinated; until she saves her crush's life on a field trip, changing her High School status from loser to hero overnight. But with her new found fame brings misfortune in the form of an old family curse come to light. For Mina is descended from the Brothers Grimm and has inherited all of their unfinished fairy tale business. Which includes trying to outwit a powerful Story from making her it's next fairytale victim.

To break the fairy tale curse on her family and make these deadly occurrences stop, Mina must finish the tales until the very Grimm end.

Do you know the Grimm Editions of the fairy tales? Do you like a twist in your fairy tales? Do you like a little mystery with your fairy tales? If you said yes to any of the above, you will like this story.
Do you prefer a sweet happily ever after with your fairy tales? Well, you may want to stick with Disney stories. 
While this story is not a sweet bed time story, neither is it a story that will bring nightmares to your sleep.
It is a very well thought out, modern day, fresh take on the Grimm Fairy Tales. It is a story of a teenage girl who finds out she and her family aren't what she thought they were. It is a story of family and all they will do to protect each other. 
I really enjoy that Mina is not a typical high school teen. She has a little brother that she loves and adores and a mother that she respects and loves. She is being raised by a single mother, with a less than ideal income and never once does she talk bad about her mother. She even finds the best in living above a Chinese restaurant with colorful and funny owners.
This is a book for both teens and adults alike. As a matter of fact, if you get this book, you may as well get all 6. Believe me, you will want to go right to the next story as soon as you finish this one.
I have already purchased the next book and can't wait to crack it open and see what fairy tale Mina has to tackle!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Amazed by You by Cheyenne McCray

Amazed by You (Riding Tall 2 Book 1) by [McCray, Cheyenne]

Synopsis via Amazon:

Jayson McBride loses a bet and loses big, and ends up with a commercial shoot on his ranch for a women’s clothing line. Before he can come to terms with city folk leaving gates open and disrupting his operation, he meets Celine, the woman who runs the show. Damned if she doesn’t piss him off then impress him five minutes later.

Celine Northland is a fashion designer with a dynamic new line of clothing—she needs this launch to save her company and herself. She has involved investors, crowd funding, and every other trick up the sleeve she can come up with. She’ll have what she needs to launch if she doesn’t continue to be bled dry by one thing after another.

Celine's whole world tips when she meets Jason McBride and she finds herself falling for the cowboy hard and fast. However, Jayson harbors a secret that could rip their relationship apart before it even starts. 

When Jayson saves Celine’s life, it turns out she just might have saved his.

As always  Cheyenne has blown it out of the stable! She has woven a tale of romance, adventure, suspense, heartbreak, and wrapped it up in forever love.

I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting Cheyenne. She is a genuine, down to earth person. There is no pretense or prima dona attitude with her. Her genuinity (yes, this is a real word. I looked it up.) and warmth is conveyed through her characters. And it felt to me like Celine and Jayson are the two characters who convey these traits the best.
With Jayson she has taken what I have determined to be her favorite hero, a drool-worthy cowboy, placed him in her favorite place, an Arizona ranch, and introduced a woman so unique that she could only have been made for him. If I wasn't already married, I would have to move back to Arizona  and try to find myself a cowboy rancher just like Jayson!
With Celine she has created a strong yet very vulnerable character. She has achieved something that I feel is almost impossible. She has found the perfect balance of 2 very different traits. Most authors tend to make their character either predominantly strong or vulnerable, but Celine is so equally both that the reader can't help but be pulled into the feelings that Celine experiences.
As a matter of fact, Cheyenne is such a gifted writer that, as embarrassing as it may be, I actually teared up when Celine is told to call Jayson's mother "mom". That feeling of total acceptance is so overwhelming that there is no question about how emotional it makes her.
Celine  and Jayson are from 2 very different worlds. She comes from a very cold and sterile family environment while he comes from a clan that is full of love and acceptance. When they meet it isn't quite love at first sight, but there is definitely interest. As they learn more and more about each other, it is easy to see they need each other.
One of the many things I liked about Celine and Jayson's story is it doesn't start out with them at each other's throat and then all of a sudden they are jumping in the sack. No these two are civil and respectful. Both are successful in their own professions, which couldn't be more different, and treat each other in a way that is expected of professional adults.
And the animals! I love how she includes animals as such an integral part of the story. I love how it is so very clear that Jayson's dog Thor is so much more than just a working dog. But it is also very clear how the horses are also so much more than working animals. She projects her love for animals through Jayson and Celine in such a beautiful way.
Another thing I liked is the refreshing way Jayson and Celine's story is more about their story than their sex life. Don't get me wrong, Cheyenne knows her way around a sizzling sex scene and this story is no exception. But there are so many authors out there who create the sex and then try to create a story around it. Not Cheyenne. The sex is a natural progression of the couple's story.
So what DIDN'T I like about this story? Well, the fact that it ended. I fell in love with Jayson and Celine and wished it wouldn't ever end.
This is a definite read!  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Spirelli Paranormal Investigations Episodes 1-3 by Kate Baray

Spirelli Paranormal Investigations: Episodes 1-3 by [Baray, Kate]

Synopsis via Amazon:

Jack Spirelli, paranormal investigator, public debunker of paranormal frauds, and private fixer for the magic-using community has opened his doors.

Jack's in a crunch. Since he went pseudo-public with Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, his business has sky-rocketed. Debunking the scum who prey on vulnerable targets makes up half his business now. And the rest of his time? Jack's on speed dial with the Texas Lycan Pack, the Inter-Pack Policing Cooperative gives him an occasional ring, and anything that goes bump in the night might just call him with a job.

He needs an assistant, another investigator, and some additional muscle, but maybe the dragon who just walked in and applied will do for now.

This volume contains the first three episodes of Season One. Each is a complete stand-alone story.

This is one of the most fun books I have read in a very long time. It has a fresh story line with characters that draw the reader in.

Fresh, fun, intelligent, innovative, and even moments of humor. Worth the read if you don't need a lot of intellectual depth.
I honestly can't wait to read more.

The Tales of Nevaeh Volume I: Born To Magic by David Wind

Born To Magic (Tales Of Nevaeh Book 1) by [Wind, David]

Synopsis via Amazon:

What would you do if you were 18 and told the future of the world is in your hands? 

Young Areenna of Freemorn is just beginning to discover her powers when she is called to a place from which few ever return.
Mikaal of Tolemac, the son of the High King holds a secret so dangerous it could shatter the fabric of the world should it become known.

3,000 years after America is destroyed by nuclear war, the inhabitants have evolved, embracing magic and metaphysical warfare. As enemies from across the seas begin to close in, ancient legends come alive, leaving no one safe. The only two who can stop the onset of the darkest evil is the sorceress,Areenna, and Mikaal, the son of the High King of Neveah. With the safety of the world in their hands, and their powers young and erratic, will Mikaal and Areenna find the courage and strength to overcome the impossible, or...

While I enjoyed this book, it was a bit of a slow read for me. It is a perfect mix of past, present, and future. What do I mean by that? Well, post-apocalyptic America is thrown back into a time where there are kings, armies, and no technology but women have supernatural abilities born of the evil brought upon America by the "Dark Ones". Where does the present come into this little world we are introduced to? Well, the Dark Ones are from the Middle East trying to dominate the world, bring everyone under their rule. To be honest, I figured out who the Dark Ones were fairly early on.
The characters can't really be called relateable since we have not lived the life they have (unless you lived in the middle ages), but you can understand where they are coming from.
There are a few puzzles to figure out if you are into delving deeper into the story like I am. I really enjoyed Mr. Wind's choice of names. While most of them sound unique, you only need to look a little deeper to see the "twist" in choosing the names of characters and places.
I have to say, I generally like books that take me in their grip and keep me reading until I reach the end. This book didn't do that, but the intellectual aspects of it did keep me returning to read more.
All in all I liked this book. Not one of my favorites but definitely an interesting read for those more intellectually inclined.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Revolt (Book 4 of the Resistance Series) by Tracy Lawson


I was both blessed and honored when Miss Lawson contacted me and offered me a copy of Revolt for review prior to the release date of July 18, 2017.
I have been an avid fan of the Resistance Series since I first read Counteract in 2015. 
With Revolt, Miss Lawson wraps up Tommy and Careen's battle against the OCSD. But this time, Tommy isn't just battling the OCSD on the outside, he is battling the damage the OCSD inflicted on Careen while she was captive. But the worst scars aren't the ones you can see, they are the ones no one but Careen can see. Tommy must win Careen over and convince her his love is true.
In her Resistance Series, Miss Lawson has created a glimpse of what could become of our world. She delves deep into the "what if" of total government control. But she also taps in to that human desire to be free. 
I love the way Miss Lawson was able to tap into each side. She has the ability to write each side's point of view without mixing the sides up. She also does a great job of showing how greed and the desire for total control is rampant on both sides. But she also delves deep into how love can persevere even when it seems there is no hope. 
In Revolt Miss Lawson digs deeper into more characters. She expands on more characters which enhances the story. It isn't just Careen and Tommy's story, it is also the story of Madalyn Davies , Kevin McGraw, Trina Jacobs, Tom Bailey, Jaycee, Mitch Carraway, and Lara Bailey, just to name a few. Miss Lawson tells each character's story with grit, realism, and compassion. She focuses on the human aspect. She exposes the degrees of impact a battle of wills can have on different psyches. 
As you can probably tell, I am very impressed with Miss Lawson's ability to dig deep into the "what ifs" of the human condition.
Revolt and the Resistance Series is not for the reader who prefers a light read. They are for the readers who like to think, plot, and delve deep into their inner voice. It is for the reader who likes to think about the "what ifs" of life.
I can honestly say there was nothing about this story that I did not like. Definitely a 5 out of 5 stars!

Revolt is released on 7/18/17. It is available for pre-order.
You can find out more about Tracy Lawson and her Resistance Series at:
Instagram: tracylawsonauthor