Monday, March 12, 2018

The Devil Inside (The Game of Gods book 1.5) by Lana Pecherczyk

The Devil Inside (The Game of Gods Book 2) by [Pecherczyk, Lana]

Excerpt via Amazon:

Cash’s soul was falling apart—literally. That was until Roo, his beautiful progeny, stuck it back together. He returns to his home town intending to train Roo and prepare her for the Game but demons from his past scratch from the inside and when he wakes from a nightmare, almost killing her, he decides she’s better off without him. While he runs from one responsibility, others are thrown in his path. Soon he’s faced with the devastating results of his retreat, and learns that while Roo may have fixed his soul, he broke her trust. When the truth about her identity comes out, Cash must overcome his doubts for the sake of her life, but can he overcome his demons in time?

Marc is a god. The god of the in-between. The messenger between the worlds, traveller between the dimensions, otherworldly trickster, shameless lover of all things. You may have heard of him, he’s been known as Hermes, Hoth, Loki … He’d be able to gloat more about his status if it wasn’t for the fact his years have left him a little flakey and his position has kept him tethered to the world of men. He’s on a mission to uncover the truth about the hunter’s inception so he can foil the plot to overthrow the Queen, and if he impresses the new racy red-headed Player, then props to him. But when a way out of his long service is presented, he’s left with a choice: take it, or follow his new friends into a battle they might not win without him.


This short novel is bonus book in the Game of Gods series. It tells the tale of the two weeks between book one and two from the perspective of Cash and Marc.

While this book is a short timeline continuation of Soul Thing, it is a new perspective on the story line. I enjoy seeing through different characters' eyes. It's like a 3D view of the story. You get to see so many different facets of each character. There's the side that they need the "world" to see, then there is the side their "friends" need to see, and then there is the "real" side.
I have to admit that I have a whole new perspective on Marc and Cash. Because of this book I actually have a new positive view of Marc and have a renewed appreciation of Cash.
What can I tell you without giving away the story? Let me see. . . In Soul Thing Marc is very arrogant with a "devil may care" attitude. In The Devil Inside Miss Pecherczyk gives us a view of what caused him to act the way he acts.
And Cash. . . this will be almost impossible to explain without giving away the secrets of the story. So let me just say that I fell in love with Cash a little more with this story.
For me, if you are into The Game of Gods series, this is a must read to get more of the background into not only the characters, but the story itself. It will help define what is going on in the story.

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