Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Number of Man by J.T. Ellison

The Number of Man: (a short story) by [Ellison, J.T.]

Synopsis via Amazon:
Unrequited love. Sounds romantic, doesn't it? But what happens when a stalker falls in love? 

I was first introduced to Miss Ellison when I read her book No One Knows. I was very impressed.
I signed up for her newsletter and was gifted with The Number of Man. 
This is one of Miss Ellison's short stories. A thriller that keeps you on your toes and hits you with a twist when you least expect it.
The story is intriguing, captivating, and (dare I say it?) thrilling. Miss Ellison knows exactly how to lead you in one direction only to take a 90 degree turn and then another 90 degree turn, She knows how to keep her readers engaged. 
This is not an easy review to write. Not because the story lacks, but because it is short. Saying too much about it could ruin the thrill of discovering the plot.
If you have never read any of Miss Ellison's stories, this is a great one to get acquainted with her. If you have read Miss Ellison, you will NOT be disappointed!