Sunday, February 12, 2017

Taking Instruction by Cheyenne McCray

Taking Instruction by [Holland, Jaymie, McCray, Cheyenne]

Synopsis via Amazon:

Jessica Carter is a college sophomore who’s had the hots for her university professor all semester long. He’s sexy and unobtainable—and she’s determined to get into his bed.

Dating one of his own students is taboo and Craig Robinson Bennett intends to never break that school rule… Until he finds an end of the semester present in his office: a the gorgeous student co-ed he hasn’t been able to keep his mind off of. And she’s naked, sitting on his desk.

It isn’t long before Jessica discovers she’s gotten more than she bargained for. She finds out exactly who’s in control as she learns how the professor likes to play. A whole new world is opened to her and being a bad girl never felt so good.

This is a book about BDSM. It is simply a story of a sexual relationship between a man and a woman, both consenting adults, who find what "floats their boat" together.
I have to admit, "simple" is not what this story is about. Bondage and Dominance is a very intricate practice. In my opinion, Miss McCray does a very good job of explaining the intricacies by demonstration throughout the story. Now, I have read reviews about BDSM stories that talk about the story not being anything like real life. Some say they are into this lifestyle and feel the story is "unrealistic". In my opinion, each relationship is different, whether it's "vanilla sex", bondage, or something else. It is the way the couple interacts and finds satisfaction together. And Taking Instruction is 69 pages of just that. Craig introduces a willing Jessica to bondage and domination, Jessica finds fulfillment in his instruction and sexual desires.
Cheyenne has written a tasteful read full of heat and satisfaction. As it is only 69 pages, the story does not get bogged down by every character' back story. It is action from the first word. It focuses on the sexual relationship between Craig and Jessica. On a hot scale from 1-5, it is a blazing 5! 
While erotica is not for everyone, this is a definite read for those who are interested!