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Picture This by Marilyn Baxter

Picture This

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When it comes to relationships, Tess Callahan is gun-shy. An ambitious Atlanta divorce attorney, she’s seen the aftermath of relationships gone bad, which is why she has no time in her life for any man except for Nick Russo. Handsome and exciting, he’s the perfect choice to give her all she desires—including the fact he’s never around long enough for things to get complicated. Until suddenly they do.

Nick Russo has the world. His job as a photographer takes him everywhere, and he wouldn’t give that life up for anyone, not even the beautiful and brilliant Tess Callahan. Or so he thinks. An unexpected pregnancy is about to bring everything into focus, a brighter and more colorful world than he ever thought to imagine. The possibilities are endless, and they’re something he can capture not just on film but in reality.

I was introduced to Miss Baxter on a fluke. She posted a question that I answered and next thing I knew I was blessed with a invitation to read her newest book. And it was one of the best moves I have made in a long time.
Miss Baxter writes with a sincerity and pureness that can only come from the heart. This story is full of both sincerity and pureness, but it also has heart. This story will talk to the mother in every reader who has given birth. As a matter of fact, I found myself tearing up at portions of the story. But it will also talk to the romantic in any reader.
I like the way Miss Baxter developed Tess and Nick's relationship without going back years and dragging out the history. She explained it, described it, and brought the reader into it enough to understand it without bogging the story down with history and descriptions. Her introduction and character development of Nick was sincere and just right to engage the reader. The reader learned enough to fall in love with Nick, sympathize with Nick, but never developing a dislike for him. And the same can be said of her character development of Tess. Miss Baxter knows how to develop a character that involves the reader without bringing the animosity of the reader. It's all about falling in love with the characters and wanting them to succeed at whatever is going on in their "lives".
As a nurse, I really enjoyed that Miss Baxter sis her research for the medical portion of the story. It can be very distracting to me to read incorrect medical parts of a story. 
Picture This is a feel good, "see it through" story that you won't be able to put down. So pick it up and check out out! You will be glad you did. 
For me, I have a new author to add to my favorites!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Miss Baxter for this opportunity.

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