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Resist (Resistance #2) by Tracy Lawson Blog Tour

Resist (Resistance #2)   

Book Two, Resist, picks up this fast-paced dystopian series with the resistance forming against injustice. After their plan to rescue a group of dissenters imprisoned by the OCSD spins out of control, Tommy and Careen are on the run, dodging the quadrant marshals in a headlong dash for the remote mountain headquarters of the Resistance.
Their budding relationship is tested when an attempt to spark a revolution goes awry, and the pair move toward an inevitable confrontation with the forces that terrorize the nation. Will their differing viewpoints drive a wedge between them? And where does love fit in when you’re trying to overthrow the government? 

•What happens when we surrender our civil liberties for the promise of safety and security. 
•Using a dystopian thriller to ask, “What if the government controlled every aspect of your life?” 
•Learning you can make a difference and stand up for what is right when the opportunity arises.

I am fortunate because it hasn't been very long since I have read the first book Counteract (you can check out my review here in my blog). I really enjoyed Counteract and was looking forward to Resist.
Miss Lawson did not disappoint! One of the things I like about this series is how Miss Lawson explores what can happen if the masses give up all liberties to the government-something that I feel is in progress in our world. And she does a great job of showing the horrors of becoming unthinking sheep being led to the slaughter.
Tommy and Careen are two strong characters that willingly put their lives on the line to save everyone. Do they succeed? Well, you'll just have to go get the books to get that question answered.

Resist is a journey through the intricacies of being part of a resistance. It is a journey through taking on a government so strong that the general population has given up all thinking for themselves to that government. Miss Lawson takes the reader into a world where a group of people are fighting for their own minds, the right to make their own decisions, and the right to be an individual. And it is an awesome, eye-opening journey.

You really need to take this journey!!

Can't wait for book 3 next year!!

Tracy Lawson is an award-winning author of two nonfiction books, and The Resistance Series is her first in the

world of young adult novels. Tracy lives in Dallas with her husband, daughter and three spoiled cats.
Tracy Lawson is an award-winning author of two nonfiction books, and The Resistance Series is her first in the world of young adult novels. Tracy lives in Dallas with her husband, daughter and three spoiled cats.

Let's see what Miss Lawson has to say in response to a few questions.

1. What was the inspiration behind The Resistance Series?
     I was mentoring a friend of my daughter’s when the initial idea for Counteract came about. Chase is a pretty sharp guy and an excellent writer—and when he was in high school I had a lot of fun working with him and editing some of his short stories. We had finished working on a story about baseball, a broken nose, and a broken heart, and were ready to start something new, when he suggested we write scenes in response to the prompt: “What if everyone were on LSD and all thoughts were communal?” It was certainly thought provoking! Chase created the characters Tommy and Eduardo, I created Careen, and right away, we knew we were onto something. Obviously, the story morphed and changed a lot before it became the finished version of Counteract—but that was how it all began.

2. What do you enjoy about this series that cannot be found in any of your other books?
     The Resistance Series is my first published fiction. My other book, Fips, Bots, Doggeries, and More, is based on a journal kept by my great-great-great grandfather during his family’s 1838 horse and wagon trip from Cincinnati to New York City.
      I did a ton of research before writing that book, and amassed two filing cabinet drawers full of information related to the 22-page journal! During the publication process, I nearly went crazy double-checking all my facts and citations, and by the time the book went to print, I never wanted to see another footnote. Fiction? Yes, please! Now that I’ve had a little break from footnotes, I’m enjoying writing another nonfiction history book. I’m planning to merge my two favorite genres and write some YA historical fiction sometime after I finish the Resistance Series.

3. What do you hope readers take away from this book?
      First and foremost, I want readers enjoy the story! I hope they relate to Tommy and Careen, and look forward to reading the next installment in the series. Books for young adults often reflect the reader’s need to question authority and rebel against the rules set down by older generations; the Resistance Series looks at what can happen when people surrender our civil liberties in exchange for the promise of safety and security.  I hope readers understand that protagonists in dystopian books are often branded as outcasts or rebels because they question the restrictive rules of their societies—and that individuals who change the world rarely do so by going along with the herd.

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