Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Point Blank (Lawmen Series #4)

Point Blank

Synopsis via CheyenneMcCray,com

A free spirit with a zest for life, Natasha Simpson loves her new beginning in the small town of Bisbee, Arizona. Things couldn't get any better.

Special Agent Brooks Allen is pissed as hell when he learns that one of his friend's in-laws is suspected of drug trafficking. Big time. She's been selling merchandise that's filled with illegal narcotics.

Natasha runs into Brooks, and enjoys the company of the man who works with her cousin's husband. And damn, but he's hot.

When Natasha accidentally makes the discovery that her products contain cocaine, not only is her life threatened, but every member of her family is in danger.

Brooks grows certain Natasha is innocent, then discovers the tangled web she's caught in. Along the way he loses his heart to her—now he just needs to make sure he doesn't lose her...permanently.

So, have you read any of Miss McCray's heart pounding, keep you up all night because you have to "read just one more page" books? Do you like HOT men of the law? Do you like strong willed, sassy women who give the hunky, alpha male a run for his money, not to mention a good dose of frustration? Well, you have GOT to check out Miss McCray's Lawmen series. Point Blank may be #4. but each story can be read as a stand alone and this one is a great place to start!

Tasha is an art lover who now owns a store where she sells art and souvenirs in the small AZ town of Bisbee. She goes to sell her art at seller shows throughout the states periodically where she is unknowingly transporting and selling cocaine in some of her art. This is where Special Agent Brooks Allen enters the scene. He is tasked with investigating Tasha. But in doing so he must keep his best friend, family to Tasha, out of the loop.
This isn't the first time Tasha and Brooks have met. But this is the first time they have been able to spend any time together. What can danger, physical attraction, and drugs combined create? One hell of a story!
As in all of her contemporary romances set in southeast AZ, Miss McCray describes the area with flourish. Her descriptions help the reader to create an accurate, detailed picture of where the story takes place. And since I am from Southeastern AZ and have been to the places she describes, I can tell you she is dead on with the descriptions and the beauty.
I love how Miss McCray took this story to different settings. She sets up the romantic heat almost from the beginning, but doesn't climax there (please forgive the unintended pun). The reader is never left hanging looking for the story to pick up. There is always something going on that keeps the reader wanting to read just one more page and then realizing it's either way too late in the night or they have read half the book.
Let's talk a little about Brooks. He is a drool-worthy, hot, sexy, strong, "I'd do him" lawman. Brooks is the type of cop most women want to protect them. He is honest, sincere, caring, loyal, and an orgasm in a cowboy hat!
I honestly can't say there was anything in this book that I did not like. I read this late into the night and started up again as soon as I got up the next day.

Miss McCray delivers again! She knows the pulse of her readers and will go the extra mile to make sure she gives us what we love and want to read.
This is another MUST READ!!

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review. Thank you Miss McCray for this opportunity.

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