Tuesday, January 13, 2015

No Mercy (Lawmen book 2) by Cheyenne McCray

No Mercy

Synopsis via Cheyenne McCray's website:

Over twenty years ago, when she was just a teenager, Belle ran from everything she knew to escape her abusive stepfather. She left behind the boy she loved and a circle of friends who had been like family to her since childhood.

Now, years later, the death of one of her close friends brings her face-to-face with the boy she had to leave. Only now he's not a boy anymore.

Dylan has never gotten over Belle running away all those years ago. When Nate—one of their Circle of Seven childhood friends—is found dead, Belle and Dylan are drawn back together. It's not long before he realizes he has a second chance to make her his.

The second reason Belle left could ruin any future she might have with Dylan. The secret hangs over her head while she falls in love with him all over again.

When a dangerous drug cartel starts targeting the Circle of Seven friends, Dylan must use all his federal law enforcement training and contacts to stay one step ahead. He must solve the clues Nate left behind before all of them end up dead.

While this is the second book in a series, it is a stand alone story.

I want to thank Miss McCray for an advanced copy in return for an honest review.

No Mercy is a story of a group of people who formed a bond in high school that never broke. A story of a high school love that never died. But mostly a story of a group of people who love each other enough to protect those who matter most.

I loved this book!  A law enforcement officer, a mystery, romance, and southeastern Arizona. I was hook from the get go!! And the cover, now what woman would not want to be a holster for his gun?!! (All due respect to my husband)

I was easily drawn into the story and lives of the characters. Even though the plot of the story required forays into the characters' past, Miss McCray effortlessly transitioned the story between the  past and present at perfect times in the story. She made it so easy to track the storyline.

I became enthralled with the characters and their intertwining lives. As I read I came to feel like I was a part of the story. I found myself feeling their anger, frustration, happiness, and fear.
The mystery part of the story was well done. There were multiple times I thought I had parts of it figured out only to find out I was way off base! I really loved that part of it. (Not to sound egotistical) I find many mystery stories easy to figure out. Miss McCray leads you towards a conclusion and then BOOM! she creates a twist or turn that keeps you guessing.

Let's talk about the characters a little. (I promise, no spoilers). Dylan: Now here is a man every woman can fall in love with!! He seems perfect! Smart, sexy, great looking, and loyal.
Belle: a woman who's past forced her to leave the person she loved the most. She had to learn how to be strong and take care of herself.
The Circle of Seven (CoS): a group of high school friends who have grown up and moved their own way, yet have never forgotten what they mean to each other. Always willing to be there for each other when needed. Basically, the kind of friends we all wish we had.

If you know Cheyenne McCray's work, then you will love this story. If you haven't been introduced to Cheyenne's work, this is the story that will hook you! You will devour it and beg for more!

Happy Reading!!