Sunday, January 25, 2015

L.O.S.T. by R.S. Collins and S.R. Vaught

Synopsis via R.S. Collins website:

Seventeen-year-old Brenden McAllister can't wait to prove himself to his overprotective parents—and enjoy the beach! Despite problems related to his ADHD, he's finally on his own, allowed to borrow his mom's truck and travel to his best friend's house in California. It's great. In fact, it's perfect until he makes a pit stop in a tiny desert town called Live Oak Springs Township.

Something's off in L.O.S.T., like that witchy girl in the general store, and a greasy guy that gives him an ominous warning. Weird, for sure. Maybe even a little frightening. Bren plans to take care of business and get back on the road.

Except, somebody stole his mom's truck. And that witchy girl, she's starting to change into something with glowing eyes and sparkling fingernails. And what's with the bats and finger joints for sale in that creepy store? Before Bren can even yell, "Foul ball!" he's trapped in a world of mysterious magic and terrible danger—maybe forever—unless he can find the power in his blood, become a champion of prophecy, and defeat the most evil being who ever lived.

No pressure, right?

Jasmina Corey knows Bren may be the solution to her biggest problem. He has a warrior's heart and the strongest spark of magic she's ever found. As Queen of the Witches, it's up to her to save her people from the vicious, murdering Shadowmaster, and Bren might be strong enough to fight beside her. Too bad he can't pay attention. Too bad he's so impulsive. And he knows nothing about magic, he hates her guts, and he doesn't want anything to do with his destiny.

He'll get over being kidnapped. Sure he will! She can teach him what he needs to know. Sure she can!

Bren strains her optimism to the breaking point, but Jasmina's out of choices and out of time. She has to find a way to reach Bren, and to work with him to take out the Shadowmaster for good. The fate of the witching world—of the whole world—rests squarely on her nervous shoulders.

No pressure. Right. No pressure at all...

I received a copy of the trilogy box set in return for an honest review. Thank you to R.S. Collins for this opportunity.

So, even though I received all three books, I decided to break them down and review them individually.

This trilogy is classified as YA/ Fantasy.
   L.O.S.T. is the first book and introduces us to Brenden and Jasmina (Bren and Jazz).  When you start reading you will be transported to what I considered a whole new dimension. A dimension where magic rules and conflict reigns. Where the person in charge is a teenager and her hero is also a teenager, albeit a confused teenager. 
  Jasmina is the queen of witches and has sent out a "call" for someone who can help her save her world from the evil that is destroying it little by little.
  This is an exciting book. It has every day conflict (boy v. girl, authority v. minority), ingenuity, happiness, sadness, fear, and triumph. There is even a bit of mystery.
  It is easy for the reader, no matter their age, to develop a relationship with Jazz and Bren. The adults will see teenagers that are growing and developing while teens will see one of their own creating and carrying a world. 
  The most obvious part of reading this book is that I was transported to another world. I was part of a place where magic was the ordinary and ordinary was the exception. I got to learn what is was like to experience magic for the first time while learning the frustration and pain of living through losing those I loved as well as those I felt was my responsibility. But as an adult I got to watch teens rise above the expectations of their age and what they thought adults expected of them. I got to see their triumphs as well as their failures.
  This story will take you on a roller coaster of emotions and you will love every moment!
  This is a great introduction to the trilogy. While the ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, you will continue to the next book because you truly want to know what happens next, you will be that invested in the characters and their story.

Run out and get this trilogy. You will not be sorry! 
Happy Reading!!