Monday, January 5, 2015

Abandoned:Three Short Stories (unabridged) by Jim Heskett

ABANDONED: Three Short Stories

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The story of a man whose girlfriend unceremoniously dumps him at a party due to his lack of ambition. He’ll seek solace in two piles: one of LEGO pieces, and the other, Bolivian marching powder. He’ll use them both to build something to prove his worth.

A story of a man peeping through the glass window of a hair salon, longing for the beautiful stylist inside. He knows all of her curves, her smile, everything about her. He’s got a message for her, but doesn’t know if he can find the courage to say it.

One fateful night in the life of a party kid. What starts out as a little get-together turns violent when drinks and dancers swirl into chaos. He’ll try to keep his composure and control of the situation as sanity abandons everyone in the house.

I received a copy of the audiobook in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Mr. Heskett for this opportunity.

This was my first foray into audiobooks. I have been a little skeptical about audiobook in the past because I believe in the power of seeing the story and converting it into a movie in my head. For me, if a story comes alive in my head, then it is a wonderful ride.

Abandoned was a story that intrigued me. Three short stories in one book. The fact that it was an audiobook was definitely a plus. The narrator, Joe DiNozzi did a wonderful job. Each story made me stop and think about what the main character was really all about. Mr. DiNozzi's narration was full of consistency, depth, and interest. His tone was rich and varied. He was able to create the voices of characters that spoke to you, both literally and figuratively. But Mr. DiNozzi did not do that on his own. This was a joint venture, both the storylines and the narrator were needed to keep my attention as well as stimulate my imagination.

These three stories are not for someone who wants a little mindless entertainment. Mr. Heskett and Mr. DiNozzi draw the listener in and surround him/her with stories that require a deep, intellectual attentiveness. They cause the reader to pause and think about what the lead character is thinking and experiencing.

My first foray into audiobooks was a success. My first foray into Mr. Heskett's writing was also a success. While he is a little outside my typical genre, I would definitely delve into any story he chose to offer readers.

Happy Reading!!

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