Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wakeworld by Kerry Schaffer

                                                                             Wakeworld (The Between, #2)

I received this book in a contest for an honest review. Thank you to Miss Schaffer, Berkley/NAL, and Goodreads.

Wakeworld by Kerry Schaffer is the second book in the Between series.

It is about a girl, Vivian, who thinks she has become the last of the Dreamshifters after her grandfather dies. But she was never taught how to be a Dreamshifter. Being a Dreamshifter gives her the ability to open a door into Dreamworld, a place where dreams are real. She is also battling the dragon inside of her yearning to break free while being in love with Zee who happens to be a Dragon Warrior, a line of descendants who are born with hate for all dragons. When Wakeworld is threatened, Vivian sets out to find a man, Weston Jennings, who she thinks may be another Dreamshifter. Together, Vivian, Weston, and Zee, along with Vivian's penguin and Weston's Raven, all set out to save Wakeworld from destruction.

Miss Schaffer weaves a world full of dreams, dragons, and suspense.
While this in the second book, it can be read without reading the first book, Between.
I enjoyed this story very much. Miss Schaffer has woven into a story, something that I think most people have thought about: what if dreams were real? She has taken that thought and created a fantasy world where dragons, sorcery, and warriors all clash in a basic Good versus Evil plot. But the plot is so unusual that you mesmerized trying to find out how Good triumphs over Evil.

While this was an interesting read, I do not find myself eager to go read the first book or going out of my way to read the next book.

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