Saturday, March 29, 2014

Forged by Jacquelyn Frank

I received and ARC of Forged in return for an honest review. Thank you to Miss Frank and Random House Publishing Group for this opportunity. 
Forged is the fourth book in the World of Nightwalker series by Jacquelyn Frank, and my first experience with her writing. Forged is Ahnvil and Kat's story. A supernatural love story. Ahnvil is a gargoyle who has been captured by the Templars, the supernatural bad guys. He manages to get away and is found by Kat while she is walking her dog, Karma. While Ahnvil was held captive he was away from his touchstone, a piece of himself that he needed to re-energize. If kept away from the touchstone for too long, he will start going insane and eventually turn into a stone gargoyle forever.
When Kat finds Ahnvil, he is badly hurt and needs her help. She finds him in the snow near sunrise. For Ahnvil, the sun will turn him to stone. For Kat, due to a medical condition, the sun will burn and blister her skin. Kat helps him to her house and uses her skills as a physician's assistant to tend to his wounds. 
Finding a beautiful necklace with his clothes, Kat puts it on intending to only admire it for a minute. When Ahnvil wakens and sees her wearing it he angrily tries to removes it without any success.
Kat and Ahnvil begin an adventure to find a way to remove the pendant and to keep Kat safe from the Templars. Along the way there is adventure, frustration, love and hot sex. But Kat and Ahnvil learn how special and important Kat is to the Nightwalkers.

If you have read any of Miss Frank's books and liked them, then you will love Forged. This is a book that keeps you riveted to each and every page. Putting the book down is almost impossible. It took sheer force of will for me to put it down to go to sleep. For those who like sex scenes: there are hot, steamy scenes that leave nothing to the imagination BUT make you picture everything in your mind. Ahnvil is every woman's secret desire! 
But the story is well written with plenty of plot. She does a great job of developing characters and describing each character without being overly descriptive. Even the characters that she brought over from other stories were easy to connect to without knowing their whole story. Miss Frank makes you cheer for the good guys, boo at the bad guys, and keeps you trying to figure out which side the middle-ground guys are really on.
As I said, this is my first experience with Miss Frank's writing and because of Forged I look forward to devouring more of her books (as well as her heroes)! 
Happy Reading!