Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Broken Skies by Theresa Kay

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I would like to welcome everyone that is participating in the Broken Skies Blog Tour to my blog. Thank you for joining me.
Broken Skies is a story set in the future but isn't really futuristic. It is about a teenage girl, Jax. Jax lives 30 years after the Collapse, a time when a massive war was fought with biological weapons and then followed by the plague. Twenty years after the Collapse is when the aliens showed up.. 
Jax and her brother are forced to live within a settlement after their parents are killed. While Jax and her brother are outside the settlement one day, she comes across an alien ship. Her brother ends up being caught by the aliens trying to keep Jax safe. 
In her quest to save her brother, Jax meets up with one of the aliens, Lir. There is little known about the aliens because they prefer to keep to themselves while the humans do the same. Jax and Lir join forces to get Lir home and to get Jax to the city where her brother is kept. Along the way they discover things about each other, each of their species, but most importantly, things about themselves.

Broken Skies kept me riveted. I couldn't wait to turn each page to see what else was going to happen next. I wanted to learn about the aliens as much as Jax. But most of all, I was impressed by Miss Kay's ability to envelope the reader into her world. She described each scene and each person to perfection. I was able to picture it all in my head as I read, yet I wasn't bogged down by too many words that described what she was trying to convey. There were some scenes where I felt like I could actually reach out and touch Lir and feel what Jax was feeling, Miss Kay's description was so vivid.
Broken Skies is a story I highly recommend! Happy Reading!!