Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shadow Allegiance by Lacy Yager

I received Shadow Allegiance free as an Advanced Free Copy (ARC) in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the author and the publisher for this opportunity.

Shadow Allegiance is the second book in the Unholy Alliance series.

Rachel is a Chaser, a human raised and trained to fight and kill vampires. After her parents die, Rachel, her older brother Shane, and her younger sister, Chloe are left to fight vampires on their own. Along the way they have formed a group that are determined to fight the evil vampires. There is Shane, Rachel, Maggie-a good vampire, Lily-a normal everyday orphaned human teenager with ADHD, Chloe-a supernatural little girl with seizures and Rachel and Shane's little sister, and Hannah- a witch.
While Shane is away trying to enlist other chasers, Rachel heads out on her own to seek out revenge on the vampire who attempted to abduct Chloe. In the process, she is turned into a vampire. When she meets Alex, she finds a kindred soul, in another vampire. Can she "live" with herself as a vampire, the very monster that she was trained to hunt and kill? Even worse, can she fall in love with a monster she was taught to hate and kill?

I absolutely LOVED this book! I started reading this series with this book, book #2, so some of the backstory was a little lost on me. But as I read further into the story, I was able to figure out the gist of the backstory. That being said, I would definitely go back and read Unholy Alliance in a heartbeat!
Miss Yager did a very good job of intertwining the characters' stories with the action part of  the story. It all flowed together so naturally.
I liked the way she told different points of view from the different characters. But in the same vein, at times going from character to character broke the continuity of the story.
For me to become interested in a story, the author needs to be able to create a world that comes alive in my mind. I need to be able to "watch" the story in my head. Miss Yager was able to achieve that requirement. I "saw" the fight scenes as I read them. Her descriptions were so vivid, so well thought out, but she did so without being overly wordy.
I happily award Miss Yager 4 1/2 stars out of 5. And Miss Yager has earned herself a very happy fan!!