Thursday, February 6, 2014

Deception Cove by Jayne Castle

Ah, Jayne Castle, I must admit is one of my very favorite authors. She takes me to a place full of fun, intrigue, sex, mystery, psychic abilities, and my favorite: DUST BUNNIES! Deception Cove is a story based in the world of Harmony, but specifically on Rainshadow Island. On Rainshadow Island is a dangerous, forbidden area known as the Preserve. The Preserve is surrounded by a paranormal fence. Alice is a lady with a very strong paranormal talent that allows her to bend light. After the death of her Marriage of Convenience husband, Alice's ex-mother-in-law is convinced she murdered him. Because her talent for bending light leaves her very little options for work, and her mother-in-law's continuous harassment, Alice and her dust bunny Houdini are forced to move from place to place. Bending light leaves Alice with one venue of work-she gives Houdini top billing in their magic act. But just as her mother-in-law catches up with her again and causes her to lose yet another job, Drake Sebastian comes along. Drake is from a wealthy, well respected family. Drake finds Alice and offers her a job helping him to discover what is causing the Preserve to become unstable, hoping that she will also be able to help him fix whatever is wrong with the Preserve. Along the way they find that their attraction is as strong as their paranormal senses.
Miss Castle has taken her world of Harmony and created another world of intrigue within it's borders. Her ability to reel you into her world and make you feel as if you area part of it is astounding. Her creativeness in inventing a whole new world of animals, lovable and fierce is wondrous. Even though there is a finality to the story, the way she weaves her magic through her story makes you want to keep reading more about the world of Harmony.
Look up the world of Harmony and Dust Bunnies by Jayne Castle, I promise you will be hooked!