Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rival by Lacy Yager

I received an ARC of Rival in return for an honest review. Thank you Miss Yager and her publisher for this opportunity.
Miss Yager has delivered again!
RIVAL has a very compelling story line. Miss Yager's development of the primary character, Emily, is very thought-out and non-conventional. It is refreshing to read a story about a teenage girl who is a tomboy who can kick-butt, who isn't obsessed with finding a boyfriend, or finding a way to stab her best friend in the back. It is also refreshing to read a book about a 17 year old girl turning 18 who isn't jumping into the bed of every guy in her school. Don't get me wrong, Miss Yager adds romance to the story, but it is the kind of romance that taps the reader on the shoulder and says "Hello, here I am" instead of "WHAM!! You can't get out of here without going through me first!".
I like that this is a paranormal story, but half the storyline isn't devoted to explaining about the vampires. I also like that she develops her own style instead of taking the path that has been so popular with most of the vampire-stories lately.
Miss Yager seems to prefer to write from each important character's point of view. In a previous review of another of her stories, I felt that style was a bit confusing, but in this story it serves her well. Her small number of characters is definitely a plus for this particular style of writing.  Her transition from each character happens almost seamlessly. 
I highly recommend teen and adult readers who are fans of the paranormal genre take a day or two to enjoy RIVAL. I honestly think you will be interested in continuing the story.

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