Friday, June 12, 2015

Barefoot Bound by Roxanne St. Claire

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Former spy and current bad boy Gabriel Rossi is headed to Barefoot Bay to start and run a new covert operation, but before he goes, he has some business to take care of up in Boston. Family business. With the Rossi and Angelino family, that means there will be laughter, love, food, and forgiveness...and the possibility someone is in danger.

On the eve of his departure, Gabe learns that his grandfather, Nino, might be in some serious trouble. Gabe will stop at nothing to help the man he considers his best friend, even if that means risking his own life to save Nino's. But even Gabe might not be sly and smart enough to protect Nino from the one thing that could really hurt this sweet old man...a broken heart.

So, before you slip off your shoes and go all the way undercover, get to know Gabriel Rossi, the hero at the heart of Barefoot Bay Undercover.

I would like to thank Miss St. Claire for the free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

This is a novella that introduces the reader to Gabe and his venture into his new business outside of the Angelino family, Bayfoot Bay Undercover.
I love reading about the Rossi and Angelino family. It is one huge Italian family that lives and breathes "family comes first". Each family member has their own special gift. This novella focuses on Gabe, but gives us a deeper insight into Uncle Nino.
As I mentioned it is a novella, so their isn't a ton of information being dished out. The important information is how Gabe decides to venture out on his own. The "side" information is all about Uncle Nino. Uncle Nino is the cook of the family. And he has loved cooking for the huge Angelino family for a very long time. But now the kids are all adults and Uncle Nino is having a little bit of "empty nest" syndrome. 
There is a sweet little twist in the story. A little suspense and lots of family love. 
No, this isn't a story of sex and love; it is a set up explaining how Gabe decided to venture out on his own. Ahh, but we don't get the whole story. We'll have to wait for Gabe's story to figure out the "real" reason. *Sigh* a little more suspense. It is completely worth the time it takes to read. For me, it was only a few hours and it left me wanting to delve right in to Barefoot with a Bodyguard, the first book in her new series Barefoot Bay Undercover. (on sale this week!)
This is a great short read that will make you fall in love with Gabe and the Angelinos, if you haven't read about them yet. It will make you wish you had a huge, loving family that eats all the time!

It is well worth the 99 cent price tag and priceless in the enjoyment you will get out of the read!!