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Bad Boy Christmas Box Set by Cheyenne McCray

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Bad Boy Christmas

This set contains four short holiday stories that will make your bells jingle.
Intended for ages 18 and older.

Stranger in My Stocking
Alyson Charmaine is stuck in a posh hotel when a blizzard hits New York City. When she spots a delicious specimen of a man, her mind goes into overdrive, thinking of all the things she'd like to do with him that would put her on Santa's naughty list. Too bad he's a stranger. 

Greg Ellington wishes he'd had the chance to meet the sexy blonde in the hotel's lounge, but she disappeared before he gets the chance. But when he goes up to his hotel room, his wish comes true, all giftwrapped just for him.  

Fireman Beneath the Mistletoe
Kate Reynolds is a fashion designer whose sexy designs have been selected for a holiday fashion show. The show is being held at an exclusive ladies' club where erotic things are rumored to go on behind closed doors. 

Nick Hall is fresh off fighting a fire for the FDNY, but finds something waiting for him at his off hours side job at TLC. The sexy Kate Reynolds is hotter than anything he's fought in a long time, hot enough to melt the snow outside, and sweet enough to kiss beneath the mistletoe.

Seal Giftwrapped with a Bow
Janie Taylor has proven herself time after time to be of value to Brick's team but the mountain of a man refuses to let her join in on a private op that takes them to the jungle of South America. 

Navy SEAL Brick Sanders's nephew has been kidnapped, and Brick intends to get the boy home in time for Christmas. It's a personal op and he doesn't want Janie getting hurt. If his team refuses to let him go this op alone, the least he can do is protect Janie. His nephew isn't the only one he wants to get back to New York City before Christmas. 

Visitor Under My Holiday Tree
Dayanara Acosta can't believe she burned up her kitchen - while looking at men's profiles on a dating site, no less. It's a wonder the whole apartment complex didn't burn down. So many treasures had been lost in the kitchen fire that it was heartbreaking. 

When Ramón Salvador's brother told him about Daya, Ramón couldn't believe she would be the one to heal his heartbreak over the woman he'd lost so long ago. 

Ramón agrees to deliver a special basket from the Angels of Mercy to Daya on Christmas Eve, and finds her to be everything his brother had promised and more. Daya can't believe the way this visitor makes her feel - or how her body responds to him as he takes her beneath the Christmas tree. 

Miss McCray is known for writing stories that are SO HOT, that you need water next to you in case your book catches fire. Well, she has delivered again!
While each story is different, they all include a hot, musclebound, intelligent hunk of man and a hot, sexy, intelligent woman who knows what she wants.
I enjoyed that each story was shorter than a full length novel. It gave me the chance to break up my reading into smaller time allotments. But even though each story was short didn't mean it was short on story development. Quite the contrary. I thought that because she had to put so much into a smaller space, she cranked up the character development, the story line, as well as the heat!
Do you like a book with a heat factor so high, you want to grab your husband's/wife's/significant other's/partner's hand and drag them to the bedroom? Well these 4 stories will definitely take care of that!
This set is also a great idea for a stocking stuffer!!

Happy Reading!!

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