Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer time

Hello Everyone. I hope you have had the kind of summer you wanted. Trips to the beach, to see family, vacations to remember or just staying at home "chillaxin" as my teenagers say.
It has been quite an eventful one for me. I apologize for the time span between my postings. I have spent time with wonderful friends, two families who have retired from the military this summer and taken the time to come see us. One family decided to move a mile down the road, the other family came back from being stationed in England for three years. My 16 year old got to spend a month with his best friend and then they all came out here. I have to say, you really need to go do the touristy things with people who have never been to your neck of the woods. Even after living here in Nashville for 20 years, it was a whole new place seeing it through the eyes of our friends. We had a blast in our own "back yard".
So, I am back and will be posting a few reviews back to back in the next day or so. I read some pretty good books while recovering from surgery and am now excited to be able to get them posted.
If you are lucky enough to still have some summer left before the kids go back to school, I wish you fun and sun. If you are like me and the kids go back to school this next week, I hope you get back into the swing of schedules quickly and you enjoy every minute you have with your Blessings from God.
Happy Reading!