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*NEW* Awaken: The Soulkeepers by Lori Adams

Awaken (The Soulkeepers, #2)
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Sophia St. James has every reason to be happy: she survived the kiss of death from the seductive Demon Knight Dante and is free to be with Michael, her sexy Guardian Angel. She eagerly begins her Awakening to become a Spirit Walker and help lost souls cross over. But her training is fraught with setbacks, and Michael begs her to stop. The life of a Spirit Walker is far too dangerous, and he won’t be able to protect her.

Then Dante returns, threatening to drag Sophia to Hell so they can finally be together. Terrified of losing everything she has worked for, Sophia turns the tables on Dante, luring him into a deception that may get them both killed. The stakes climb even higher when Dante’s ally, Wolfgang, emerges from Hell with one order: kill Sophia. Will Michael once again be Sophia’s saving grace or will the Awakening give her the power she needs to save herself?

Sophia, Michael, and Dante are back. The thrills continue to build as Sophia begins to grow in her new life. Dante is still convinced she is the reincarnation of his past love. Michael and Sophia tackle the challenge of keeping their relationship from his family a secret, but it becomes even more imperative when Michael is offered his biggest dream.
As Sophia begins to learn how to be a Spirit Walker, she and Michael begin to learn about the trials and tribulations of a relationship.

Miss Adams has done it again! She brings us back to the intriguing triangle of Sophia, Michael, and Dante. She pulls us deeper into the supernatural world beyond our every day vision to witness how angels and demons fight over a strong, willful lady who is bound and determined to do her part to help souls find their way to the place they were meant to go.
Miss Adams adds a few new spins to this story. Dante learns that a demon is inhabiting the body of one of the people close to Sophia. But who? Sophia and Michael do not see eye to eye about her training to be a Shadow Walker. And Sophia's memories, are they memories of a past life, just like Dante says?
Miss Adams keeps expanding her paranormal world of wonder that lures the reader into all the excitement. Miss Adams's talent makes the reader want to reach in, grab the characters' hands and yell, "Grab my hand! I'll help!".

Displaying Lori Adams_Awaken Blog Tour Author Photo.jpegLori Adams is the author of the Soulkeepers Series: Forbidden, Awaken, and Unforgiven. She wrote her first book-about scary sharks-at the age of eight. Now she writes New Adult, young adult, and middle-grade fiction. Originally from Oklahoma, she now lives in Southern California with her husband and two daughters.

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