Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ignited (The Ignited Series Book 1) by Desni Dantone

Ignited (The Ignited Series Book 1) by [Dantone, Desni]

Synopsis via Amazon:

Seventeen year old Kris Young is on the run from a throng of superhuman golden-eyed freaks hell-bent on seeing her dead, and she doesn't know why. Good thing she has her guardian angel to protect her...sort of.

Kris is aided by Nathan, the mysterious man that ends up being anything but angelic when he rescues her for the fourth time in fourteen years. Even if the handsome hero illusion is shattered by his harsh treatment of her, he knows how to fight this strange enemy and is determined to keep her safe at all costs. 
As the body count rises in their wake, Nathan introduces Kris to a world in which not everyone is human and the battle lines between good and evil are clearly drawn. Kris's piece in the puzzle is something neither is aware of and, as they uncover the truth, neither is prepared for what they find. Overcoming twists and revelations that shatter both of their lives, they discover that nothing is as it seems and nothing, least of all their hearts, are safe. 

Miss Dantone is a new author to me. It was the synopsis of this book that really intrigued me. The basic good v. evil isn't what pulled me in. It was the mysterious man that rescues this teenager four times in fourteen years. So, it was the suspense and supernatural that really piqued my interest. And it held my interest.
Miss Dantone delves into teenage romance without including the sex and turmoil that seems so popular in the YA movies and television shows these days. She is realistic in the expectations of a teen age romance. The story line is kept alive with suspense. intrigue, strong characters, and  an interesting take on the supernatural world.
Miss Dantone does not follow the traditional supernatural world of vampires. werewolves, and other shape shifters. She brings a breath of fresh air to the world of the supernatural.
This is a book worthy of a cozy corner, a cup of tea, and a comfortable blanket.