Monday, May 2, 2016

Don't Lose Her by Jonathon King

Synopsis via Netgalley:

US district judge Diane Manchester has looked across the courtroom into the eyes of evil before. But today, as she presides over the extradition hearing of a notorious Colombian drug lord, she is also eight months pregnant. Her chair is uncomfortable, her robe is constrictive, and her due date is fast approaching. If she shows a single sign of weakness, Diane risks jeopardizing the biggest trial of her career and setting a vicious murderer free.

In seconds, her situation takes a harrowing turn for the worse. Walking to her favorite lunch spot, Diane is grabbed off the street, thrown into the back of a white van, blindfolded, and threatened with death. She has no idea who her kidnappers are or what they want. Maintaining a strict code of silence, they refuse to give her even the smallest glimmer of hope.

But Diane's captors have overlooked a crucial detail: Her husband, Billy, is the employer and best friend of Max Freeman, Philadelphia cop turned South Florida private investigator. Tossing off the rule of law, Freeman sets out to determine which of a rogues' gallery of suspects took Diane—and to save her and her unborn child before it's too late.

This was an interesting book. It took me from the courtroom to the marshes of Florida. It touched on the factor of danger that touches judges as well as the greediness and corruptibility that simmers just below the halls of justice.
One of the things I liked about this book was the insight into each of the characters' heads. Mr. King gives us a glimpse into how Max runs an investigation as well as the angst he feels about trying to find his best friend's wife. He also gives us a glimpse into the thoughts and fear of the kidnapped person. Between Max and Diane, he gives the reader a glimpse into the mind of the husband of the person kidnapped. Mr. King knows how to write suspense. He kept me guessing through the majority of the book. While I can say I guessed "who" before Mr. King revealed them, I can honestly say he did a great job of keeping the clues from being too obvious.
I will definitely read another book Mr. King writes.