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Spectrum by Alan Jacobson


Description via Goodreads:

New York City: home to world-renowned museums, theater, restaurants, iconic sports franchises. Central Park. Wall Street. And an infamous serial killer who's terrorized the Big Apple for decades.The year is 1995 and the NYPD has just graduated a promising new patrol officer named Karen Vail. The rookie's first day on the job is anything but easy when she finds herself at the crime scene of a young woman murdered in an unusual manner. Vail is unsure of what she's looking at or what it means--but it's a case that will weigh on her mind for nearly twenty years.As the years pass, Vail's career takes unexpected twists and turns--as does the case that's come to be known as Hades. Now a skilled FBI profiler, will Vail be in a better position to catch the killer? Or will Hades prove to be Karen Vail's hell on earth?The character who has captivated readers worldwide--and who won the praise of literary giants Michael Connelly, James Patterson, and Nelson DeMille--returns in a story that captures the experiences that shaped the revered profiler and made her the top cop she is today.

Spectrum is the 6th book in the Karen Vail series. Karen Vail is a woman police officer on the NYPD in the mid '90s. She has just graduated from the academy and is bringing fresh ideas to the job-much to the dismay of most of the male cops. For them, it is bad enough that she's a woman, but add to the fact that she is smart and refuses to fit into the stereotype of the female cop.
This story, along with the other 5 Karen Vail stories, is based on experiences of a real profiler and "top cop". Mr Jacobson has successfully taken a person and used her experiences to create a character and story lines that celebrate the intelligence and success of a woman.
Spectrum is a story that pendulates between the past and present. It tells the story of the criminal as well as the criminologists. It is rich in details and a perfect reference for anyone interested in researching for a life as an investigator in law enforcement.
If you enjoy police thrillers, this is definitely a book for you!

Happy Reading!!

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