Monday, September 29, 2014

Silk & Spurs by Cheyenne McCray

Silk & Spurs (Rough and Ready #2)

Description via Goodreads:

Jessica Porter finds herself in southern Arizona on the Cameron’s Bar C Ranch ready to photograph the ranch and the oldest Cameron’s wedding. When Jessie meets Zane Cameron, she finds herself wishing the tall, dark, and gorgeous cowboy was free.

Lately, Zane has had the feeling that things aren’t as they seem with his fiancée. When she shows her true colors, he calls off the wedding.

Zane feels it’s too soon to fall for another woman, but when he meets Jessie, he just can’t get enough of being around her. It’s not long before the pair gets together and it grows hotter between them than an Arizona summer.

But Zane’s ex-fiancée threatens Jessie and everything takes a dangerous turn…a turn that could mean Jessie’s life.

Zane must find Jessie and save her…before it’s too late.

Miss McCray delivers...AGAIN!
Silk & Spurs isn't a normal length story. It is one of Miss McCray's novella's, a shorter story. One for someone who either doesn't have the time or inclination for a full length book.
Miss McCray develops her characters with the ease of an old friend. Her characters jump off the paper making the reader feel like they've known them for years.
Her story line is well thought out and flows with ease. The reader easily gets lost in the story, forgetting everything that is going on around them. The romance and sex is a natural progression to the heat that develops between the main characters. Miss McCray's writing is so wonderfully descriptive, it is like a hot movie is playing in your head.
Miss McCray's description of the area is spot on. The way she describes the beauty of Southeastern AZ (Bisbee, Sierra Vista, Sonoita, etc.) is spot on. Her love of the area is plain to see in her writing.

When you read Miss McCray's novella, Silk & Spurs, make sure you have nothing important to do, like cook dinner for the family. Why? Because, the family won't get fed.

Happy Reading!!

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